Lachlan Irvine's Home Page

Here are some links to some of my favourite sites.

I am a Vietnam veteran. I served with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), in Vietnam in 1967-68. Here is a link to a good starting site for Vietnam veterans. It's an American site, but it has plenty of links to Aussie sites:

I support an English football club called Queens Park Rangers. The club has just been relegated to the Second Division, and is in receivership. I have been a loyal supporter since 1973, and continue to support them in these trying times. Here is a QPR site run by a supporter, with links to all other QPR sites, including the qpr.org messageboard, which I visit every time I switch my computer on.

I'm also a keen cricket fan. Here's a good starting point for information on the game all over the world.

I have an old electric guitar with which I like to make a lot of noise. Here is the site I use to find lyrics and guitar chords when I want to learn a new song.

I'm a PhD student in Australian History, currently in the process of transferring from the University of Western Australia to the Australian National University. My thesis topic is "An Australian Odyssey: the Long Journey Home for Vietnam Veterans". Here is the website of the ANU.

I have a keen interest in politics. I support the Australian Democrats, the "third party" in the Australian political system. Here is their website:

I've submitted my website details for inclusion in the "Boomerang" directory. So, in anticipation that they will give me a listing, here is their website: