Vietnam Veteran Links

Vietnam Veterans and Military Sites

Here is a good starting site for Vietnam veterans. It's an American site, but it also has links to some Australian sites.

Department of Veterans Affairs.

This is the website for the 3RAR Association, the battalion I served with in Vietnam.

This is the 8RAR Association, my first battalion.

The Australian War Memorial's website.

Chris Noel's website. You'll find more information on Chris in my Welcome Home Parade pages.

The website of Sammy L Davis, Congressional Medal of Honour winner. There is more information about Sammy in my Welcome Home Parade pages.

Jackie Marx is a singer and songwriter who came to Australia to perform at the Welcome Home Parade. She has also co-written an educational book and a play about the Vietnam War.

International War Veterans Poetry Webring.

The Aussie Battlers Military Webring.

You're welcome to pay a visit to Pedro's Boozer.

The Armed Services Assistance Centre, a welfare and advocacy service for veterans, ex-service and serving armed forces personnel.

The Vietnam War Bookstore

We sell ebooks about the Vietnam War and its impact on all our lives. Can we sell your book, too?

Pay a virtual visit to "The Wall", the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.