My Life Story: Part Eight

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The pictures and text below are left over from this page in its old format. I am keeping them in case they are needed when I update this phase of my life story.

Political mugshot

What is wrong with this picture? That's right, he's wearing a tie! This is my mugshot for the 1990 federal election, when I stood as a Democrat candidate for the House of Representatives seat of Stirling. Needless to say, it was an unwinnable seat. The Democrats have never won a seat in the House of Representatives, although they have often held the balance of power in the more democratically elected house, the Senate. To go to the Democrats website, click on this picture.

Me and my guitar

Me and my guitar. Music has always been an important part of my life, from the beginning of Rock 'n' Roll in the Fifties, through the musical excitement of the Sixties, and all subsequent decades. I hope to expand on my musical interests in another page when I have time. I also have a songbook, currently containing lyrics and guitar chords for about 600 songs, on another part of this website.

Come back again soon. There'll be more pictures and more of my story each time you visit.

Gallipoli 2002

My Personal Pages

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