Songs "B"



In a [G] neat little town they call [C] Belfast
[G] apprenticed to trade I was [D] bound
And [G] many an hour of sweet happi-[Em]-ness
I [C] spent in that [D] neat little [G] town

Till [G] sad misfortune came [C] over me
And [G] caused me to flee from that [D] land
Far a-G]-way from me friends and re-[Em]-lations
To [C] follow the [D] Black Velvet [G] Band

[G] Her eyes they shone like the [C] diamonds
You'd [G] think she was queen of the [D] land
And [G] her hair hung over her [Em] shoulder
Tied [C] up with a [D] Black Velvet [G] Band

[G] Well I went out strolling one [C] evening
Not [G] meaning to go very [D] far
When I [G] spied the pretty young [Em] damsel
[C] Parading her [D] wares in a [G] bar

[G] A watch she took from a [C] customer
And [G] slipped it right into me [D] hand
And the [G] law it came and arr-[Em]-ested me
Bad [C] luck to the [D] Black Velvet [G] Band

[G] Next morning before judge and [C] jury
For [G] trial I had to [D] appear
And the [G] judge he says "me fine young [Em] fellow"
The [C] case against [D] you is quite [G] clear

[G] And seven long years is your [C] sentence
You're [G] going to Van Diemens [D] Land
Far [G] away from your friends and [Em] relations
To [C] follow the [D] Black Velvet [G] Band

[G] So come all ye jolly young [C] fellows
And [G] see you take warning from [D] me
[G] Whenever you go out for [Em] liquor lads
Be-[C]-ware of the [D] pretty col-[G]-leen

[G] For they'll fill you with whiskey and [C] porter
Till [G] you are not able to [D] stand
And the [G] very next thing that you [Em] know lads
You've [C] landed in [D] Van Diemen's [G] Land

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