Songs "C"


The Clash

[D] What are we gonna [E] do [A] now?
[A] Taking off his [D] turban they say [G] is this man a [A] Jew
[A] Working for the [D]clamp-[A]-down
[A] They put a [D] poster saying [G] "We earn more than [A] you"
Were [A] working for the [D] clamp-[A]-down
We will [D] teach our twisted [G] speech
To the young [D] bel-[A]-ievers
We will [D] train our blue eyed [G] men
To be young [D] bel-[A]-ievers

[A] The judge said five to [D] ten but I said [G] double it [A] again
I'm not [A] working for the [D] clamp-[A]-down [A][G][A]
[A] No man [D] born with a [G] living [A] soul
Can be [A] working for the [D] clamp-[A]-down
Kick [D] over the wall cause [G] governments to fall
[A] How can we [D] refuse [A] it?
Let [D] fury have the hour,
[G] Anger can be power
You [A] know that you can [D] use [A] it

The [A] voices [G#] in your [F#] head are [E] calling
Stop [E/G#] wasting your time , theres [A] nothing coming
[E] Only a fool can [E/G#] think someone can [A] save you
The [E] men in the factory are [E/G#] old and cunning
You [A] don't own nothing, boy get runnin'
Its the [E] best years of your [E/G#] life they want to [E] steal

But [A] you grow [D] up and [G] you calm [A] down,
[A] Working for the [D] clamp-[A]-down [A-G-A]
[A] You start [D] wearing [G] Blue and [A] Brown and
[A] Working for the [D] clamp-[A]-down
So you [D] got someone to [G] boss around and
[A] Make you feel [D] big [A] now
You [D] drift until you [G] brutalise and
[A] Make your first [D] kill [A] now
[A] In these [D] days of [G] evil presi-[A]-dentes
[A] Working for the [D] clamp-[A]-down
But [A] lately one or [D] two has [G] fully paid their [A] dues
[A] Working for the [D] clamp-[A]-down
Ha get along, get along [G] Working for the [D] Clamp-[A]-down
Yeah [F#] working hard in Harrisburg [D][A] slide to [B], then to [G]
[F#] Working hard in Petersburg [D][A] slide to [D]
[G] Working for the [D] Clamp-[A]-down
adlib to fade, with chords: [F#][F#][D][A][G][G][D][A]