Songs "F"


Bruce Springsteen


I'm driving in my [G] car I turn on the radio

I pull you [A] close, you just say [G] no

You say you don't [A] like it, but girl I know you're a [G] liar

'Cause when we [C] kiss [D] Ooh [G] Fire


Late at [G] night, I'm takin' you home

I say I wanna [A] stay, you say you wanna be [G] alone

You say you don't [A] love me, girl you can't hide your [G] desire

'Cause when we [C] kiss [D] Oooh [G] Fire


You had a [G] hold on me right [C] from the start

A [D] grip so tight I couldn't [G] tear it apart

My [C] nerves all jumpin' actin' [G] like a fool

Well your [A7] kisses they burn but your [D] heart stays cool


Romeo and Juli-[G]-et, Samson and Delilah

Baby, you can [A] bet their love didn't [G] deny

Your words say [A] split, but your words they [G] lie

'Cause when we [C] kiss [D] Oooh [G] Fire