Songs "I"


Simon & Garfunkel

[C] A winter's day, in a [F] deep and dark De-[C]-cember
[Dm] I [G7] am a-[F]-lone [C]
[Dm7] Gazing from my [Em7] window
[Dm7] To the streets be-[Em7]-low
On a [Dm] freshly fallen [F] silent shroud of [G] snow.
[F] I am a [C] rock, [F] I am an [G] is-[C]-land.

[Am] I've built [C] walls, A [F] fortress deep and [C] mighty
That [Dm] none [G7] may [F] penet-[C]-rate
I [Dm7] have no need of [Em7] friendship,
[Dm7] friendship causes [Em7] pain
Its [Dm] laughter and its [F] loving I dis-[G]-dain
[F] I am a [C] rock, [F] I am an [G] is-[C]-land

[Am] Don't talk of [C] love, well I've [F] heard the word be-[C]-fore
It's [Dm] sleep-[G7]-ing in my [F] memo-[C]-ry
I [Dm7] won't disturb the [Em7] slumber
Of [Dm7] feelings that have [Em7] died
If I [Dm] never loved I [F] never would have [G] cried
[F] I am a [C] rock, [F] I am an [G] is-[C]-land

[Am] I have my [C] books and my [F] poetry to pro-[C]-tect me
I am [Dm] shield-[G7]-ed in my [F] ar-[C]-mour
[Dm7] Hiding in my [Em7] room,
[Dm7] Safe within my [Em7] womb,
I [Dm] touch no one and [F] no one touches [G] me.
[F] I am a [C] rock, [F] I am an [G] is-[C]-land

And a [Dm7] rock [G] feels no [C] pain,
And an [Dm7] island [G] never [C] cries.

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