Songs "I"



Zager & Evans



[Am] In the year 2525

[G] If man is still alive

[F] If woman can survive

They may [E7] find


[Am] In the year 3535

[G] Ain't gonna need to tell the truth tell no lies

[F] Everything you think do and say

[E7] Is in the pill you took today


[Am] In the year 4545

[G] You ain't gonna need your teeth won't need your eyes

[F] You won't find a thing to chew

[E7] Nobody's gonna look at you


[Am] In the year 5555

[G] Your arms hanging limp at your sides

[F] Your legs got nothing to do

[E7] Some machine's doing that for you


[Am] In the year 6565

[G] You won't need no husband won't need no wife

[F] You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too

[E7] From the bottom of a long glass tube


[Am] In the year 7510

[G] If God's a-coming He ought to make it by then

[F] Maybe he'll look around himself and say

[E7] Guess it's time for the judgement day


[Am] In the year 8510

[G] God is gonna shake his mighty head

[F] He'll either say I'm pleased where man has been

[E7] Or tear it down and start again


[Am] In the year 9595

[G] I'm kinda wondering if man is gonna be alive

[F] He's taken every thing this old earth can give

[E7] And he ain't put back nothing


[Am] Now it's been 10,000 years,

[G] Man has cried a billion tears

[F] For what he never knew,

[E7] Now man's reign is through


[Am] But through eternal light,

[G] The twinkling of starlight

[F] So very far away,

[E7] Maybe it's only yesterday


[Am] In the year 2525,

[G] If Man is still alive

[F] If woman can survive

They may [E7] find




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