Songs "P"


Randy Newman


[C] No one likes us, [E] I don't know why.

We [Am] may not be perfect, but [C7] heaven knows we try.

And [F] all around us, even our [Fm] old friends put us down,

Let's [C] drop the big one, and [G] see what happens


[C] We give them money, but [E] are they grateful?

[Am] No they're spiteful [C7] and they're hateful,

They [F] don't respect us, so [Fm] let's suprise them,

We'll [C] drop the big one, and [G] pulverize them.


[C] Asia's crowded, [E] Europe's too old,

[Am] Africa is far too hot, and [C7] Canada's too cold,

And [F] South America [Fm] stole our name,

Let's [C] drop the big one, there'll be [G] no-one left to blame us,


[F] We'll save Aus-[C]-tralia, [F] Don't want to hurt no kanga-[C]-roo,

[F] We'll build an all American amusement park there, [C] they got surfing [G] too


[G][F][E][C] Boom! goes London, [E] Boom! Paree,

[Am] More room for you, and more [C7] room for me,

And [F] every city, the [Fm] whole world 'round,

Will [C] just be another [A7] American town.

Oh how [D7] peaceful it will be, We'll set [G7] everybody free,

You'll wear a [E7] Japanese Kimono, there'll be [Am] Italian shoes for me.


They all [F] hate us any-[C]-how, so let's [F] drop the [G] big one [C] now,

Let's [F] drop the [G] big one [C] now.