Songs "P"


Chuck Berry.


[G] I left my home in Norfolk Virginia,

California on my [C] mind

I [D] boarded that Greyhound,

Rode it into Raleigh and on across Caro-[G]-line


[G] Stopped in Charlotte to by pass Rockhill,

We never was a minute [C] late

We were [D] ninety miles out of Atlanta by sundown,

Rollin' out of Georgia [G] state


[G] We had motor trouble that turned into a struggle

Halfway across Ala-[C]-bam

And that [D] 'hound broke down

And left us stranded in downtown Birming-[G]-ham


[G] Right away I bought me a through train ticket

Got across Mississippi [C] clean

And I was [D] on that Midnight Flyer out of Birmingham

Smokin' into New Or-[G]-leans


[G] Somebody helped me get out of Louisiana

Helped me get to Houston [C] Town

There are [D] people there who care a little 'bout me

And they won't let the poor boy [G] down


[G] Sure's you're born, they bought me a silk suit

And put luggage in my [C] hand

And I [D] woke up high over Albuquerque

On a jet to the promised [G] land


[G] Workin' on a T-bone steak a la cartee

Flyin' over to the Golden [C] State

When the [D] pilot told us in thirteen minutes

He would set us at the terminal [G] gate


[G] Swing low chariot, come down easy

Taxi to the terminal [C] zone

[D] Cut your engines and cool your wings

And let me make it to the tele-[G]-phone


[G] Los Angeles, give me Norfolk Virginia

Tidewater four ten o [C] nine

Tell all the [D] folks back home it's the promised land callin'

And the poor boy is on the [G] line