Songs "R"



Bruce Springsteen


[Em] I come from down in the [G] valley,

Where [D] mister when you're [C] young

[Em] They bring you up to [G] do

[C] Like your daddy [G] done

Me and [C] Mary we met in high school,

When [G] she was just [D] seven-[Em]-teen

[Am] We'd ride out of that valley

Down to [G] where the fields were [C] green


We'd go [Em] down to the [C] river,

[D] And into the river we'd [G] dive

Oh [Em] down to the [C] river we'd [D] ride [E]


[Em] Then I got Mary [G] pregnant,

And [D] man that was all she [C] wrote

And [Em] for my nineteenth [G] birthday

I got a union [C] card and a wedding [G] coat

[C] We went down to the courthouse,

And the [G] judge put it [D] all to [Em] rest

[Am] No wedding day smiles no walk down in the aisle,

No [G] flowers no wedding [C] dress


That night we went [Em] down to the [C] river,

And [D] into the river we'd [G] dive

Oh [Em] down to the [C] river we'd [D] ride [C]


[Em] I got a job working con-[G]-struction

For the [D] Johnstown Compa-[C]-ny

[Em] But lately there ain't been [G] much work

On ac-[C]-count of the econo-[G]-my

[C] Now all them things that seemed so important

Well mister [G] they vanished right [D] into the [Em] air

Now I just [Am] act like I don't remember,

Mary [G] acts like she don't [C] care


But I [Em] remember us riding in my [G] brother's car

Her body [D] tanned and wet down at the [C] reservoir

At [Em] night on them banks I'd [G] lie awake

And pull her [C] close just to feel each [G] breath she'd take

Now those [C] memories come back to haunt me,

They [G] haunt me like a [Em] curse

Is a [Am] dream a lie if it don't come true,

Or [G] is it something worse that sends me


[Em] Down to the [C] river though I [D] know the river is [G] dry,

That sends me [Em] down to the [C] river to-[D]-night

[Em] Down to the [C] river, My [D] baby and [G] I,

Oh [Em down to the [C] river we'd [D] ride





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