Songs "R"



Roy Orbison


[D7] Just running [G] scared, Each place we [Am] go

So [Bm] afraid, That he might [D7] show [D7sus]


[D7] Yeah, running [G] scared, What would I [Am] do

If he came [Bm] back, [D7] And wanted [G] you


Just running [G] scared, Feeling [Am] low

Running [Bm] scared, You loved him [D7] so


Just running [G] scared, Afraid to [Am] lose

If he came [B#m] back, Which one would you [D7] choose [G][G7]


[C] Then all at [C6] once, [Cmaj7] He was standing [C] there [Cmaj7][C6]

So [C] sure of [C6] himself, His [Cmaj7] head in the [C] air [Cmaj7][C6]

[C] My heart was [C6] breaking, [Cmaj7] Which one would it [C] be,

[C] You turned [C6] around and [C] walked [D7] away with [G] me





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