Songs "S"



Peter Gabriel


[G][C][G][C][G][D] [C][G][C][G][D]


[G][D][G] Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, [G][D][G]

I could see the city [Em] lights [D][Em]

Wind was blowing, time stood [Em] still [D][Em],

Eagle flew out of the [G] night [D][G]

He was something to ob-[G]-serve [D][G]

Came in close, I heard a [Em] voice [D][Em]

Standing stretching every [Em] nerve [D][Em]

Had to listen had no choice

I did not [Cmaj7] believe the [D] infor-[Cmaj7]-mation

I just had to [D] trust imagi-[Cmaj7]-nation,

My heart going [D] boom boom [Cmaj7] boom

"Son," he said "Grab your things, I've come to take you home."


[G][C][G][C][G][D] [C][G][C][G][D]


[G][D][G] To keep in silence I resigned, [G][D][G]

My friends would think I was a [Em] nut [D][Em]

Turning water into [Em] wine, [D][Em]

Open doors would soon be [G] shut [D][G]

So I went from day to [G] day, [D][G]

Tho' my life was in a [Em] rut [D][Em]

'Til I thought of what I'd [Em] say, [D][Em]

Which connection I should cut

I was feeling [Cmaj7] part of the [D] scene-[Cmaj7]-ry,

I walked right out of the ma-[D]-chine-[Cmaj7]-ry

My heart going [D] boom boom [Cmaj7] boom, "Hey" he said

"Grab your things I've come to take you home."


[G][C][G][C][G][D] [C][G][C][G][D]


[G][D][G] When illusion spin her [G] net, [D][G]

I'm never where I want to [Em] be [D][Em]

And liberty she pirou-[Em]-ette, [D][Em]

When I think that I am [G] free [D][G]

Watched by empty silhou-[G]-ettes, [D][G]

Who close their eyes but still can [Em] see [D][Em]

No on taught them eti-[Em]-quette, [D][Em]

I will show another me

Today I don't [Cmaj7] need a re-[D]-placement, [Cmaj7]

I'll tell them what the smile on my [D] face meant [Cmaj7]

My heart going [D] boom boom [Cmaj7] boom, "Hey" I said

"You can keep my things, they've come to take me home."


[G][C][G][C][G][D] [C][G][C][G][D]





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