Songs "S"



Billie Holliday


(written by Abel Meeropol, under the pseudonym Lewis Allen)


[*] = 010220, a simple link from [Am] to [Em]


[Em] Southern trees bear a strange fruit,

[Am] Blood on the leaves and [Am] blood at the root,

[Em] Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,

[Am] Strange fruit hanging from the [*] poplar [Em] trees.


[Em] Pastoral scene of the gallant south,

[Am] The bulging eyes and the [Em] twisted mouth,

[Em] Scent of magnolia, sweet and fresh,

[Am] Then the sudden smell of [*] burning [Em] flesh.


[Em] Here is a fruit for the crow to pluck,

[Am] For the rain to gather, for the [Em] wind to suck,

[Em] For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop,

[Am] Here is a strange and [*] bitter [Em] crop.




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