Songs "T"



The Doors


[D] This is the end [C] beautiful [D] friend

This is the end [C] my only [D] friend, the end

Of [C] our e-[G]-laborate [D] plans, the end

Of every-[C]-thing that [D] stands, the end.

No [C] safety [G] or sur-[D]-prise the end.

[C] I'll never look into your eyes [D] again.

Can you [C] picture what will [D] be,

So [G7] limitless and [D] free

[C] Des-perately in [D] need of some [G] stranger's [D] hand

In a [C] desperate [D] land.

[D] Lost in a Roman Wilderness of pain, And all the children are insane;

All the children are insane; Waiting for the summer rain.

There's danger on the edge of town,

Ride the King's highway,

Weird scenes inside the goldmine;

Ride the King's highway west, baby.

Ride the snake, to the lake, The ancient lake.

The snake is long, seven miles; Ride the snake, He's best.

The west is best. Get here and we'll do the rest.

The blue bus is calling us. Driver, where you taking us?

The killer awoke before dawn, He put his boots on,

He took a face from the ancient gallery, And he walked on down the hall.

He went to the room where his sister lived,

And then he pays a visit to his brother,

And then he walked on down the hall.

And then he came to a door, And he looked inside,

'Father?' 'Yes, son?' 'I want to kill you.'

'Mother, I want to...'

It hurts to set you free but you'll never follow me.

Come on, baby, take a chance with us,

And meet me at the back of the blue bus.







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