Songs "W"







In a [Dm] white room [F] with black [G] curtains [Bb][C]

Near the [Dm] station. [F][G][Bb][C]

Black roof [Dm] country [F] no gold [G] pavements [Bb][C]

Tired [Dm] starlings. [F][G][Bb][C]

Silver [Dm] horses [F] run-down [G] moonbeams [Bb][C]

In your [Dm] dark eyes. [F][G][Bb][C]

Dawn light [Dm] smiles [F] on your [G] leaving [Bb][C]

My con-[Dm]-tentment. [F][G][Bb][C]


[C] I'll wait in this [G] place, where the [Bb] sun never [A] shines.

[C] Wait in this [G] place,

Where the [Bb] shadows, [C] run, from them-[D]-selves.


You said [Dm] no strings [F] could se-[G]-cure you [Bb][C]

At the [Dm] station. [F][G][Bb][C]

Platform [Dm] ticket [F] restless [G] diesels [Bb][C]

Goodbye [Dm] windows. [F][G][Bb][C]

I walked [Dm] into [F] such a [G] sad time [Bb][C]

At the [Dm] station. [F][G][Bb][C]

As I [Dm] walked out [F] felt my [G] own need [Bb][C]

Just be-[Dm]-ginning. [F][G][Bb][C]


[C] I'll wait in the [G] queue, when the [Bb] trains, come [A] back.

[C] Lie with [G] you, where the [Bb] shadows, [C] run, from them-[D]-selves.




At the [Dm] party [F] she was [G] kindness [Bb][C]

In the [Dm] hard crowd. [F][G][Bb][C]

Conso-[Dm]-lation [F] from the [G] old wound [Bb][C]

Now for-[Dm]-gotten. [F][G][Bb][C]

Yellow [Dm] tigers [F] crouched in [G] jungles [Bb][C]

In her [Dm] dark eyes. [F][G][Bb][C]

She's just [Dm] dressing [F] goodbye [G] windows [Bb][C]

Tired [Dm] starlings. [F][G][Bb][C]


[C] I'll sleep in this [G] place, with the [Bb] lonely [A] crowd.

[C] Lie in the [G] dark, where the [Bb] shadows, [C] run, from them-[D]-selves.






Repeat to fade

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