Songs "Y"



Al Stewart




On a [Cmaj7] morning from a [Bm] Bogart [Em] movie

In a [Cmaj7] country where they [Bm] turned back [Em] time

You go [Cmaj7] strolling through the [Bm] crowd like

[Em] Peter Lorre contem-[Am7]-plating a crime [D]

She comes [Cmaj7] out of the [Bm] sun in a [Em] silk dress

Running like a [B] water colour in the [C] rain

[B] Don't bother asking for [Em] explanations

She'll just [Am7] tell you that she came [D]

In the Year of the [Cmaj7] Cat. [D6][Em][D6][Cmaj7][D6][Em][D6]



[Cmaj7] She doesn't give you [Bm] time for [Em] questions

As she [Cmaj7] locks up your [Bm] arm in [Em] hers

And you [Cmaj7] follow 'til your [Bm] sense of

[Em] Which direction com-[Am7]-pletely disappears [D]

By the [Cmaj7] blue tiled [Bm] walls near the [Em] market stalls

There's a [B] hidden door she leads you [C] to

[B] "These days," she says, "I [Em] feel my life

Just like a [Am7] river running through [D]

The Year of the [Cmaj7] Cat." [D6][Em][D6][Cmaj7][D6][Em][D6]



Well she [B] looks at you so [C] coolly

And her [G] eyes shine like the [D] moon in the sea

She comes in [B] incense and [C] patchouli

So you [G] take her to [F6] find what's waiting in-[C]-side [D]

The Year of the [Cmaj7] Cat. [D6][Em][D6][Cmaj7][D6][Em][D6]



Well [Cmaj7] morning comes and [Bm] you're still [Em] with her

And the [Cmaj7] bus and the [Bm] tourists are [Em] gone

And you've [Cmaj7] thrown away your [Bm] choice and

[Em] Lost your ticket so you [Am7] have to stay on [D]

But the [Cmaj7] drumbeat [Bm] strains of the [Em] night remain

In the [B] rhythm of the newborn [C] day

[B] You know sometime you're [Em] bound to leave her

But for [Am7] now you're gonna stay [D]

In the Year of the [Cmaj7] Cat. [D6][Em][D6][Cmaj7][D6][Em][D6]



Repeat to fade