Benny's Story




Lachlan Irvine

Based on the author's own experience

Here is a Glossary of Terms used in this story

Armalite: M16 automatic rifle.

Batman: Part of the platoon headquarters group, a soldier assigned to carry out certain duties for the platoon commander, so that the platoon commander can have the freedom to carry out his command role.

Battalion: 3 platoons make a rifle company, 4 rifle companies plus support and administration companies make up a battalion.

C-rations: U.S. ration packs, one pack per meal. (Australian ration packs were one pack per day).

Charlie: Viet Cong (V.C. is Victor Charlie in the phonetic alphabet).

Claymore: Command-detonated mine, usually used to initiate an ambush.

Clicks: Kilometres.

M60: Machine gun.

"O" group: Orders group, in which a commander passes on orders to his men.

Platoon: Approximately 34 men when at full strength, made up of three sections of 10 men plus a headquarters group.
SLR: Self Loading Rifle, standard Australian infantry weapon.

Section: See "platoon"

Tracer: A bullet which glows, and can be seen in flight, so that the firer can see if his aim is correct.

Task Force: The full Australian force in Vietnam.

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