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Ambush patrols were a regular part of the life of an infantry soldier in Vietnam. That means the soldier had to adjust his mind to accept that it was normal to spend all night watching some strategic spot, waiting to kill anybody who came along. Is it any wonder that some minds took a while to readjust on returning home.


Lachlan Irvine

[G] Spooky jungle night, menace in the air;
Who's gonna come to fight? I know they're out there somewhere.
[C7] Ambush! Better not come a-[G]-round,
'Cause it's [D7] instant death, to [C7] walk into our killing [G] ground.

[G] A deadly game of chance, beneath a blackened sky;
Where shapes can shift and dance, and shadows fool the eye.
[C7] Ambush! A test of nerve and [G] will;
When the [D7] moment comes, [C7] be ready to shoot to [G] kill.

[G] Monsoon rain may fall, bugs may sting and bite;
Just got to take it all, and stay alert all night.
[C7] Ambush! Mustn't make a [G] sound.
[D7] One false move [C7] could let the whole team [G] down.

[G] No telling what we'll see, coming down the track;
Could be the death of me, but there's no going back.
[C7] Ambush! Endless night of [G] fear.
But I'm a [D7] peaceful country boy, [C7] how the hell did I get [G] here?

[G] See the early light, coming through the trees;
No contact here tonight, feel the tension ease.
[C7] Ambush! Back to base and [G] then
[D7] Before too long, [C7] we'll do it all a-[G]-gain.

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