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Words and music by Lachlan Irvine

[C] I'm standin' at the crossroads,
[G7] Wonderin' [C7] which [B7] way [Bb7] to [C] go;
I talked to [C] God and the devil,
But [G7] they [C7] don't [B7] seem [Bb7] to [C] know.
[C] I've got no-[Bb]-body I can [F] call on the [G7] phone,
[C] If I'm gonna make it, [G7] I'm [C7] gonna [B7] make it [Bb7] a-[C]-lone.

[C] I loved my country,
[G7] Where [C7] I was [B7] young [Bb7] and [C] free;
I [C] travelled far,
[G7] To [C7] fight her [B7] en-[Bb7]-e-[C]-mies.
I [C] dreamed of [Bb] her through the [F] whole night-[G7]-mare,
But [C] when I came back home,
[G7] She [C7] didn't [B7] seem [Bb7] to [C] care.

[C] War and trouble,
[G7] They've [C7] left a [B7] mark [Bb7] al-[C]-right;
[C] Peace and love,
[G7] They're [C7] somewhere [B7] out [Bb7] of [C] sight.
I'm a [C] long time [Bb] gone down a [F] lonesome [G7] track,
And I [C] burned some bridges,
[G7] [C7] So there's [B7] no [Bb7] way [C] back.

On the [C] road at midnight,
[G7] It's [C7] hard to [B7] get [Bb7] a [C] ride;
In the [C] middle of nowhere,
You've [G7] got [C7] no [B7] place [Bb7] to [C] hide.
There's a [C] blood red [Bb] moon rising [F] over the [G7] trees,
[C] Lookin' kinda scary,
Like it's [G7] [C7] comin' [B7] af-[Bb7]-ter [C] me.

The [C] road less travelled,
[G7] [C7] Takes some [B7] cra-[Bb7]-zy [C] turns;
[C] Mistakes are made,
[G7] [C7] And [B7] les-[Bb7]-sons [C] learned.
There's a [C] new cross-[Bb]-roads waiting [F] every [G7] day,
No-[C]-one can choose for you,
[G7] You've [C7] got to [B7] find [Bb7] your [C] way.

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