The Decade of Silence

The Decade of Silence:

Vietnam Veterans in the 1970s


Lachlan Irvine


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Chapter One: Vietnam Veterans in the Public Discourse

Chapter Two: Vietnam Veterans in the Historical Discourse

Chapter Three: The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia as Counter-Discourse.





This dissertation was originally submitted in part fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Bachelor of Arts, with Honours in History at the University of Western Australia in 1998.

My thanks go first to my supervisor, Charlie Fox, who first planted the idea of an Honours degree in my mind all those years ago, and was still there to see the task completed.

Thanks are also due to all at the History Department of the University of Western Australia, whose assistance, advice, and above all patience through my health difficulties, is greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to Margot Clifford, for her ever-reliable proofreading, and for her assistance with technology.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge all those Vietnam veterans who worked so hard to overcome the effects of the Decade of Silence, often to the detriment of their own health and well-being. Far too many did not live to see the benefits which flowed to others from their efforts. The memory of their dedication was my inspiration on those occasions when it seemed that my health would prevent me from completing this project.