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The Duke and the King


Capo on 4.



[C] If I had a [F] cinder [C] block

[C] For every [F] lie I [C] told

[F] I could build us a [G] house [C] fine as any [F] city block

[Dm] To keep us [G] out of the [C] cold,

[F] ‘Cause the winter’s [G] long [C] longer in this [F] white trash town,

[C] With the gas can [Dm] rusting down the [G] street

[F] And the cherry [G] trees and [C] every boom box [F] playing loud

[Dm] We sing a-[G]-long [C] we sing till [F] dawn

Just [Dm] one more A-[G]-merican [C] song


[C] John was a [F] quiet [C] boy in school

[C] Johnny with the [F] fiery red [C] hair

[F] He went to the [G] army like a [C] lot of them [F] do

[Dm] And he met the [G] Devil over [C] there

[F] And if you see him [G] now he pushes a [C] shopping cart in the [F] parking lot

[C] If you call him [Dm] he don't hear a [F] thing

[Dm] They call him John the [G] priest [C] John the king of [F] bottle tops

[Dm] But priest or [G] pawn [C] his war's still [F] on

It's just [Dm] one more [G] American [C] song


[C] There's a [F] place I [C] heard about, once

[C] A place called [F] Union [C] Street

[F] A place on [G] high a [C] place where we could [F] all be one

[Dm] It sounded [G] pretty good to [C] me

And ain’t no [F] gaso-[G]-line gonna [C] take us back that [F] way again

[C] When the years have [F] rusted out our [G] fenders

[Dm] When our jeans were [G] torn and [C] we were all the [F] best of friends

[Dm] And the music [F] sewed us to-[G]-gether

[Dm] I can hear that [G] band [C] they're near at [F] hand

[Dm] And I really [G] hope it's not the [C] wind a-[F]-gain, Oh no

[Dm] But it don't be-[G]-long boys cause [C] something's [F] gone,

[Dm] One more [G] American [C] song [G]


[Dm] Don't be [G] long boys, [C] I'm hanging [F] on

For just [Dm] one more [G] American [F] song

[Dm] It's been too [G] long boys, [C] something’s [F] gone

[Dm] One more [G] American [C] song


Please note that the studio version of this song contains a couple of swear words. In the interests of keeping my web site family-friendly, I have substituted words that the song's writer, Simone Felice, has used in other performances of the song on YouTube.

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