My Song Book


Words and music by Lachlan Irvine, 2021.

[B]/[A]/[E]/// [B]/[A]/[E]///

[E] Last night I wandered in my dream, on lightly stepping [A] feet,
Silent as a [E] shadow on an unfamiliar [B] street.
Passing strangers [E] on their way, homeward and outward [A] bound;
Seeming not to [E] notice me, [B] as I moved a-[E]-round.

Oh, tell us what the sleeper sees, a voice from somewhere [A] said,
As if they were des-[E]-cribable, these visions in my [B] head.
Subconsciously the [E] mind breaks free from laws that rule the [A] day
Searching for ad-[E]-venture in [B] a most peculiar [E] way.

Reflection, confession, premonition, the future, past and [A] now:
Tenses mix and [E] mingle, don't even ask me [B] how.
A journey in the [E] great unknown, a magic carpet [A] ride,
Locked in tight un-[E]-til the end, [B] there's nowhere you can [E] hide.

You only play the cards you're dealt, you cannot choose your [A] hand
One night you're in a [E] scary place, the next a wonder-[B]-land.
You drift along, the [E] current's strong, but you can't hold the [A] wheel.
Could it be a [E] fantasy, [B] or something all too [E] real?


The drums of war you left behind, in some bygone [A] year
Come rushing back, still [E] beating loud, to fill the night with [B] fear.
Reminding you some [E] memories will not be laid a-[A]-way,
They still can haunt the [E] darkened hours [B] until the break of [E] day.

The very next night your dreams may soar and take off for the [A] skies.
Your fondest wish may [E] come your way, you'll reach the highest [B] highs.
Love and peace, and [E] happiness, are there at your com-[A]-mand,
You only need to [E] close your eyes [B] to reach the promised [E] land.

So, this is what the sleeper sees, all this and so much [A] more.
You never know what [E] you might find behind the mystery [B] door.
It's up or down, it's [E] win or lose, until your dream is [A] done,
But there'll be dreams a-[E]-plenty still, [B] sure as the rising [E] sun.

Tonight I'll wander in my dream, ... [A][B][A][E]

A hint for playing this song on guitar: play the A and B chords as barre chords (5th and 7th frets) but without a barre, leaving the outside strings open.

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