My Song Book


Paul Kelly



[G] They got married [D] early, [C] never had no [G] money,

[G] Then when he got [D] laid off, [C] they really hit the [G] skids,

[G] He started up his [D] drinking, [C] then they started [G] fighting,

[G] He took it pretty [D] badly, [C] she took both the [G] kids,

[G] She said: [Em] "I'm not standing [D] by,

To [C] watch you slowly [D] die,

So watch me [C] walking, [D] out the [G] door," [D]

Out the [C] door, [G] out the [G] door, [D] out the [C] door. [G][G][D][C][G]

[G] She went to her [D] brother's, [C] got a little [G] bar work,

[G] He went to the [D] buttery, [C] stayed about a [G] year,

[G] Then he wrote a [D] letter, [C] said I want to [G] see you,

She [G] thought he sounded [D] better, she [C] sent him up the [G] fare,

[G] He was [Em] riding through the [D] cane,

[C] In the pouring [D] rain,

On O-[C]-lympic, [D] to her [G] door,

[D] To her[C] door, [G] to her [G] door [D] to her [C] door [G][G][D][C][G]

[G] He came in on a [D] Sunday, [C] every muscle [G] aching,

[G] Walking in slow [D] motion, [C] like he'd just been [G] hit,

[G] Did they have a [D] future? [C] Would he know his [G] children?

[G] Could he make a [D] picture [C] and get them all to [G] fit?

[G] He was [Em] shaking in his [D] seat,

[C] Riding through the [D] streets,

In a [C] silvertop [D] to her,

[Em] Shaking in his [D] seat, [C] riding through the [D] streets,

In a [C] silvertop [D] to her [G] door. [D]

To her [C] door, [G] to her [G] door, [D]

To her [C] door. [G]

[G][D][C][G] [G][D][C][G]

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