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Rod Stewart


* = break for 2 bars


Intro: [B][A][A][B][B][A][A][E]


When the [A] rain came I thought you’d [E] leave

Cause I [A] knew how much you loved the [E] sun

But you [A] chose to stay, stay and [E] keep me warm

Through the [A] darkest nights I’ve ever [E] known

If the [B] mandolin wind couldn’t [A] change a thing

Then I know I [A] love [E] ya [A][E] *


[A][E] Oh the [A] snow fell without a [E] break

[A] Buffalo died in the frozen [E] fields you know

Through the [A] coldest winter in almost [E] fourteen years

I [A] couldn’t believe you kept a [E] smile

Now I can [B] rest assured knowing that we’ve [A] seen the worst

And I know I [A] love [E] ya [A][E] *


[A][E] Oh I [A] never was good with ro-[E]-mantic words

So the [A] next few lines come really [E] hard

[A] Don’t have much but what I’ve [E] got is yours

[A] Except of course my steel gui-[E]-tar

Ha, ‘cause I [B] know you don’t play But I’ll [A] teach you one day

Because I [A] love [E] ya *



Instrumental break:


[A][E][A][E] [A][E][A][E]

[B][A][A][B] [B][A][A][E]


* *


[A][E] [A] I recall the night we [E] knelt and prayed

[A] Noticing your face was [E] thin and pale

I [A] found it hard to hide my [E] tears

I [A] felt ashamed I felt I’d [E] let you down

No [B] mandolin wind couldn’t [A] change a thing

Couldn’t [A] change a thing no, [B] no. Ooh Ooh




[B] La da da da [A] La da da da

[A] La da da da [B] La da da da




And I [B] love ya [A] Yes I love ya

And I [A] love ya Lordy I [B] love ya


Ad lib to fade


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