My Song Book


Words and music by Lachlan Irvine

[G] Spooky jungle night, menace in the air.
Who's gonna come to fight? I know they're out there somewhere.
[C7] Ambush! Better not come a-[G]-round,
'Cause it's [D7] instant death, to [C7] walk into our killing [G] ground.

[G] A deadly game of chance, beneath a blackened sky,
Where shapes can shift and dance, and shadows fool the eye.
[C7] Ambush! A test of nerve and [G] will;
When the [D7] moment comes, [C7] be ready to shoot to [G] kill.

[G] Monsoon rain may fall, bugs may sting and bite,
Just got to take it all, and stay alert all night.
[C7] Ambush! Mustn't make a [G] sound;
[D7] One false move [C7] could let the whole team [G] down.

[G] No telling what we'll see, coming down the track,
Could be the death of me, but there's no going back.
[C7] Ambush! Endless night of [G] fear;
I'm a [D7] peaceful country boy, [C7] how the hell did I get [G] here?

[G] See the early light, coming through the trees;
No contact here tonight, feel the tension ease.
[C7] Ambush! Back to base and [G] then,
[D7] Before too long, [C7] we'll do it all a-[G]-gain.

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