Songs "O"


The Drifters


[A] They say the [G] neon [A] lights are [G] bright

On [A] Broad-[G]-way [A][G]

[A] They say there's [G] always [A] magic [G] in

The [A] air [G][A][G]

[D] But when you're [C] walkin' [D] down the [C] street,

[D] And you ain't [C] had e-[D]-nough to [E] eat

[A] The glitter [G] rubs right [A] off

And [G] you're no-[A]-where. [G][A][G]


[A] They say the [G] women [A] treat you [G] fine

On [A] Broad-[G]-way [A][G]

[A] But lookin' [G] at them [A] just gives [G] me

The [A] blues [G][A][G]

[D] How ya [C] gonna [D] make some [C] time,

[D] When all you [C] got is [D] one thin [E] dime

[A] And one thin [G] dime won't [A] even [G] shine

Your [A] shoes. [G][A][G]


[A] They say that [G] I won't [A] last too [G] long

On [A] Broad-[G]-way [A][G]

[A] I'll catch a [G] Greyhound [A] bus for [G] home,

They all [A] say [G][A][G]

[D] But they're dead [C] wrong, I [D] know they [C] are

[D] Cause I can [C] play this [D] here [E] guitar

[A] I won't [G] quit till [A] I'm a [G] star

On [A] Broad-[G]-way [A][G]

On [A] Broad-[A]-way [A][G]