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Vietnam War Poetry - History - Songs - and more from Lachlan Irvine, an Australian Vietnam veteran.

Welcome to my home page!

Click on the link below to check out my poetry.

My poetry

Click on the following link to read my submission to a recent parliamentary inquiry in New Zealand about Agent Orange and birth defects in the children of Vietnam veterans:

Agent Orange and Birth Defects

For my historical writing, go to my History Pages:


For other examples of my writing that don't fit any of the above categories, go to my Miscellaneous Writing page:

Miscellaneous Writing

To read the background story about how Australian Vietnam veterans got a Welcome Home Parade, click on the next link:

Welcome Home Parade

For information about me, click on the next link.

My Personal Pages

I am working on my life story, adding chapters as time permits. To read what I have written so far, please click on the following link.

My Life Story

Click on the next link to find recordings, lyrics and guitar chords for songs I've written:

My Song Book

This is roughly what I look like.

This is roughly what I look like. For more personal information about me, please click on the link to my personal pages.

This is not really what I look like, it's what I looked like in 2001. But I've decided to keep the picture and the text below it just as it was when I started building this web site.

This site has hundreds of pages, so feel free to browse.

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Please note that my old hotmail address is now obsolete.

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