Welcome Home (It's Never Too Late)
Poetry by Lachlan Irvine


To all the unsung heroes
Who deserve their special day
Welcome Home
Though many years have passed
I hope it's not too late to say
Welcome Home

You went to war believing
That you had a job to do
And though it wasn't easy
I'm so glad you made it through
And I think it's time we told you all
How proud we are of you
Welcome Home

Though memories can be painful
And some wounds are slow to heal
Welcome Home
Your people now are ready
To tell you how we feel
Welcome Home

In the footsteps of your fathers
Who fought in Freedom's name
And your grandfathers before them
Who played War's deadly game
You followed their example
Did your duty just the same
Welcome Home

I hope we've gained the wisdom now
To understand the cost
Welcome Home
And though it won't relieve the pain
Of good friends you have lost
Welcome Home

As we take a quiet moment
To remember those who fell
In the jungles and the paddies
On the battlefields of Hell
We give thanks for the survivors
And we raise our voice to yell


Lachlan Irvine

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