Vietnam War Poetry
Poetry by Lachlan Irvine

This is me in Vietnam, 1968

This is me in Vietnam in 1968.

Soon after I started this website I found out that a British literature site had included my poem "He Was A Mate" on a list of 120 war poems of the last century. I was the only living Australian with a poem on that list. The website has since been taken down, but I am honoured to have been included among such a distinguished group of poets.

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Lost Youth

Tell Me What It Was Really Like

He Was A Mate

No Place To Hide

You Don't Get Me

The Wall - An Australian View

The Coca-Cola Girl

Welcome Home (It's Never Too Late)

Phillip C Thompson - Tribute To A Great Australian

Vietnam Post-Traumatic Blues

Morning Stand-To

The Unknown Soldier

Vietnam Memorial Pavilion


When Bobby Touched The Wall

Whose Guilt Is It Anyway?

Why Did Johnny Die?

The Thousand Yard Stare

Why Can't I Write A Happy Poem?

Poems of Love and Loss

Political Poems

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