When Bobby Touched The Wall
Poetry by Lachlan Irvine


(In 1989, a group of Vietnam veterans in Pontiac, Michigan, pooled their resources to grant the dying wish of their mate Bobby, to see and touch The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.)

When Bobby touched the Wall
His brothers cried a helpless tear,
Just one thing they could do
Before they said their last farewell,
Make Bobby's wish come true.

When Bobby touched the Wall
The deadly secret Agent
That would steal his life away
Could never bring him to his knees
For this was Bobby's day.

When Bobby touched the Wall
Familiar faces he could see
Reflected in the stone;
He knew that on his last patrol
He would not walk alone.

When Bobby touched the Wall
Though he could feel the spark of life
Already growing dim,
Soon he would reach that safe LZ
Where friends would welcome him.

When Bobby touched the Wall
A host of friendly hands reached out
As if to touch his own;
"Wait for me, brothers" Bobby cried,
"Soon I'll be coming home".

Lachlan Irvine

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