My Song Book


Words and music by Lachlan Irvine


[G] I've got a love so true, for [C] no-one in the world but [G] you, [C]
You're my [G] first thought in the morning, my [C] last when day is [G] through. [G7]
I want to be [C] closer than any [D] friend.
My course is [G] set, and it's never going to [C] bend.
And it's [G] killing me, just [D] wondering if you feel it [G] too. [C][G][C]

[G] You shine on my life, like the [C] sun shines on the [G] day, [C]
In the [G] blackness of the [C] night, you're the Milky [G] Way. [G7]
When you [C] walk into any [D] room,
Your [G] smile can chase away the [C] gloom;
You're like a [G] rainbow, bringing [D] colour to a sky of [G] grey. [C][G][C]

The more I [G] look at you, the [C] more there is to [G] see, [C]
I could [G] spend a lifetime, just [C] studying your myste-[G]-ry, [G7]
You bring [C] sweet into a world of [D] sour,
You're the [G] woman of the [C] hour.
And I'm [G] hoping you can [D] take a chance on [G] me. [C][G][G7]

I [C] struggled and I scraped and I [G] tried my best,
I [C] stood up and I faced every [G] kind of test,
Some-[C]-times I even bit off [D] more than I could [G] chew.
But I'll [C] keep on trying 'til I've [G] done enough,
To [C] prove that I'm made of the [G] right kind of stuff
To [C] be the one who's [G] worthy of loving [D] you. [D7]

When you [G] feel locked out, and it [C] all seems so un-[G]-fair, [C]
You [G] never have to wonder if there's [C] someone who will [G] care, [G7]
I would [C] crawl through razor [D] wire,
I'd [G] swim though a lake of [C] fire;
Just to [G] be by your side, any [D] time, any place, any-[G]-where. [C][G][C]

I'm [G] pledging my love, every [C] day, week, month and [G] year, [C]
I'm gonna [G] sing your praises like a [C] love-struck balla-[G]-deer. [G7]
I'll find the [C] words to say how I [D] feel,
If I [G] have to borrow or [C] steal;
One [G] look in my eyes will [D] tell you I'm sin-[G]-cere. [C][G][C]

[G] I know I'm a fool, rushing [C] in where the wise don't [G] go, [C]
But this [G] feeling deep in-[C]-side is only going to [G] grow. [G7]
It's [C] getting hard to [D] hide,
It [G] cannot be de-[C]-nied.
And I've [G] got this burning [D] need to let you [G] know. [C]
I've got a [G] love so true, for [D] no-one in the world but [G] you. [C][G][C][G][C][D][G]

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