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On this page I will list some of the garbage that has appeared in reports prepared by Writeway Research for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

To all veterans who read this, I say no matter how stupid these examples may be, please do not laugh. This is serious.

Every one of these examples is false. Every one of the falsehoods on this list has been used as evidence against veterans.

Not only is this false evidence being used against veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs, it is also being accepted as evidence, without question, by the Veterans Review Board and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The following examples are taken from actual Writeway reports:

Every Australian soldier, in every unit in Vietnam, had a two-night spell at the Peter Badcoe Club every six weeks;

Four man listening patrols were only ever led by officers or warrant officers;

All Australian patrols operating out of Nui Dat had to fire off all of their bullets every time they came in through the wire;

Bodies were never seen in village squares in Vietnam;

Tracer fire is not visible by day;

On HMAS Sydney’s troop-carrying voyages to Vietnam, no sailor or soldier was ever able to obtain more than his allocated daily ration of beer;

M60 machine guns fire 50 calibre bullets;

Kangaroo Pad was located at Vung Tau;

79 Squadron was formed at Ubon in 1964.


When time allows, I will add more examples to this list. 


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